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Speedster Clinic

Founded by Gary Blundall in 2000 and based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, Speedster Clinic has been building and repairing Speedsters for many years. Working initially with other manufacturers products Gary quickly began developing and improving them for his customers. As long ago as 1998 he began producing his own kits, supplying them to customers in the UK and across Europe.

Rather than using a shortened VW chassis, The Speedster clinic chassis starts with a beetle donor floor pan, but removes the standard floors and replaces the frame-head. They then add all new floor sections, outer sub chassis and fixed one-piece CAD designed bulkhead. This is then welded into an all new box section outer chassis with added laser cut CNC bent sill sections that make for a super stiff chassis.

The integral seat base mounts are moved back and more centrally mounted compared to those on a traditional shortened VW chassis giving increased cabin size as well as a safer, stronger chassis.

full details of the chassis and body kits are given on their website

Speedster Clinic offer a range of chassis kit options starting from a basic chassis to an assembled rolling unit ready for body mounting. They will also propare a 'traditional' shortened VW chassis if required but most enthusiasts would go for the advantages of the Speedster Clinic chassis.

They offer a complete Speedster GRP body kit in white gel coat to fit their chassis and can supply all the items needed to finish a Speedster through their Online Shop.

Speedster Clinic also make a very nice 356 Coupe kit which can either use a shortened VW Beetlle Chassis or the Speedster Clinic Chassis. The Coupe body as based on a 1957, 356A Coupe. I understand Gary is currently working on a bent screen deep sill Pre ‘A’ body kit.

Contact details:

Unit 10, Table Oak Farm
Table Oak Lane
Warwickshire CV81PX

tel: 01676 248 413
email: thedoctor@speedsterclinic.com


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