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Rock West Racing

Rock West Racing is headquartered in San Diego, with manufacturing facilities in El Cajon, California. It is a subsidiary of Rock West Composites and produces replicas in turnkey and kit form including the RW Speedster. The company's background is in advanced composites for the aerospace, industrial, and motorsports industries, producing products such as the HANS safety device, carbon fibre drive shafts, and race suspension components.

Rock West Racing purchased the assets of Custom Coachwerks (based in El Cajon) who previously took over Thunder Ranch Speedsters, so they have been able to develop previously successful replica designs. They produce a ridge steel tube chassis integrated into a hand laid fibreglass body which is designed to fit a VW type 1 engine and transaxle and VW torsion arm front beam. VW independent rear suspension is included in the chassis.

Their current Speedster kits range from $12k to $32k (excluding engine, flywheel and clutch), and they have a comprehensive website at: www.rockwestracing.com

In August 2015 they launched their electric Speedster kit which can be supplied at 3 different levels of assembly. The Speedster uses lithium ion battery power, regenerative braking and has a 0-60 time of around 6 seconds


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