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Replicar Hellas (RCH)

Based in Katerini, Greece, this company manufactures a range of 356 Speedster replicas and other replicas based on the Speedster theme using type 1 and type 4 VW air-cooled engines.

Replicar Hellas owner Elias Gaganelis grew up in Germany and studied automotive engineering before starting the company in 2008. He has many years of experience working for German automakers and has managed to secure TÜV approval for RCH in the strict markets of Germany and Austria.

Cars are only available in RHD form and not available as self-build kits. Ironically the cars cannot be registered on Greek plates thanks to the unique Greek bureaucracy delays regarding Type Approval. There is a wealth of information about the range of options available on RCH's excellent and detailed website at: www.replicarhellas.com

Replicar Hellas have an exclusive UK Distributor, 911944 Ltd, based in Luton Bedfordshire, and cars have been available in the UK since early 2015 - the 911944 website is at: www.911944.com

911944 Ltd now have physical cars in the UK (all LHD) and are begining to exhibit a classic shows and events like the Festival of Speed. Cars can be built to suit customers specific requirements with a wide range of options available. I understand delivery lead times are 5-6 months and prices start from around £36,000 right up to £65,000 for an ultimately specified car. Cars are supplied fully UK registered with 12 months MOT.


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Special cars are also available, based on the Speedster look but with wider body, flared wheel arches and engines up to 2,700cc.

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