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Pilgrim Cars

Pilgrim Motorsports have announced a new 356 Speedster kit (May 2016) and plan to follow this with turnkey, factory built cars later. More details on their updated website.

Basically they will supply a fully galvanised sub-chassis, all fibreglass panels including bodyshell, doors, bonnet, engine lid and bumpers for around £4,500. You will need to source a VW Beetle to provide a shortened chassis, suspension and other running gear.


Founded by Den Tanner and Bill Harling in 1985 and well known for its 'Sumo' Cobra replica, Pilgrim produced a number of different replica kits in the UK including the The Bulldog, Family Tourer, Haldane, Jeepster, Hawthorn, Minotaur and Martini. Legend has it that the companyname came from the 'to be a Pilgrim' hymn, sung as cars were worked on.

Tony Holmes who was a well known kit car builder worked at Pilgrim Cars as Works Manager at their Small Dole base near Brighton for several years and developed a 356 Speedster replica to be sold in kit form based on the model designed by Willy Lambrechts of L&B Cars in Belgium.

The company was sold to Tony Holmes in 2002 and traded as Pilgrim Cars (UK) Ltd for several more years at the Small Dole, Henfield base before going bust in October 2008. The Pilgrim Speedster was based on VW mechanicals and shortened floorpan and Tony Holmes even developed a four seat version using a modified subframe and full length floorpan.

Around 300 Speedster replica kits and complete cars were produced before the company ceased trading, plus, it is believed, 8 of the 4-Seater Speedsters.

Den Tanner, the original founder, who is also the owner of Kit Car Magazine subsequently bought back the company and continued to supply Speedster kits in the UK for a while, but it is believed that only a further 10 Speedster kits were supplied.

Pilgrim Motorsports website 2015 - no mention of Speedsters


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early Pilgrim brochure

the 4-seat car - not one for the purists!

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