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JPS Motorsports

JPS Motorsports are based in North Hollywood, Californiana, USA and as well as their 356 Speedster replica, also make an A Coupe replica. JPS produce their own hand-laid, steel-reinforce fibreglass bodies and mate these to reconditioned VW Beetle floorpans. All Speedsters are built on reconditioned VW Beetle pans, either the earlier Swing-Axle cars or the later models with Independent Rear Suspension.

Turnkey cars are produced ready to drive away and current delivery is ten to twelve weeks from the date of the first deposit and signed build agreement. All JPS cars carry a 12 month/12,000 mile guarantee. A Speedster with a 125HP 2110cc VW engine costs around $34.5k, and $39.5k with a fuel-injected Subaru engine and air conditioning. A comprehensive options list means that customers can specify their Speedsters down to the finest detail.

More information and contact details on their website:


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New custom-fitted canvas top and side curtains are included with all cars. Additionally, a short canvas boot to cover the lowered top is also provided. The top, side-curtains, and tonneau come in either black or tan.

JPS also offer an 'SC Speedster' with flared arches, 17 in wheels and minimal trim available with both VW and Subaru engines.

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