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Covin Performance Mouldings was founded in 1983 by Tim Cook and Nick Vincent in the early 1980s. The name Covin comes simply from from CO (Cook) and VIN (Vincent). They made about 50 of their Porsche 935 replicas (slantnose) based on the VW Type 3 Variant, but also produced a 356 Speedster replica, starting in 1988.

The Speedster was also based on VW Variant Type 3 underpinnings but was a sideline compared with the 911 kits of which over 400 of different types were sold.

DJ Sportscars made the bodies for Covin Performance Mouldings who marketed the cars and kits themselves between 1988 and 1990. Approximately 30 Covin Speedster kits and cars are believed to have been sold during this period.

When Covin ceased trading in 1990, DJ Sportscars (DAX) took over the project and handled the marketing from 1990 to 1992.

Grannd Performance Cars, run by Richard Taylor, took over the company in 1995 and marketed as small number kits and cars under the GPC brand from their Luton base. GPC then moved to Galway in Ireland and although the Irish address appeared for this company in several forums, it seems to have ceased trading a year or so later - probably in 2000.


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Covin Speedsters

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