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Although we may think of the word Speedster as applying exclusively to Porsche sportscars, the name has also been used by a number of other marques over the years:

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Early 1900s - Ford Model T Speedsters

Customised versions of Ford's basic model T began to appear from 1913 onwards as a less expensive option to the very popular (and expensive) Stutz Bearcat and Mercer Raceabout. A large aftermarket in Speedster performance parts developed.

1930 - Packard Boattail Speedster

What set these Boattail Speedsters apart from other cars was their amazing speed. Because of their power and speed, stripped down Speedsters with modified bodies were used in competitive motorsport in the 1930s and '40s. Powered by a 384 cu in Super 8, these cars were capable of producing 145 horsepower.


1932 - Chrysler Imperial Speedster

A one off design from Chrysler Engineering's experimental custom body shop. A lightweight aluminium body and a highly developed straight eight engine won this car many speed awards.

1935 - Auburn Speedster

The 851 Boattail Speedster had incredible styling and featured the option of a supercharged 4.6 litre engine. The car set more than 70 speed records.

1955 - Studebaker President Speedster

The 1955 Studebaker President Speedster was Studebaker's first step toward the sporty car, and featured a high performance small-block V8.


2000 - Opel Speedster

A British-built mid engined, targa-topped, 2-seater sports car also known as the Vauxhaull VX220 in the UK. It was built in both right-hand drive and left-hand drive versions at the Lotus Cars plant in Hethel, Norfolk, England.

2010 - Eagle Speedster

A modern lightweight re-creation of the classic E-Type. Every single component has been replaced or upgraded with a lightweight aluminium body, lower windscreen and floor line, uprated 4.7 litre Jaguar engine and significantly improved suspension and road holding.

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