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2010 Eagle Speedster

The Eagle Speedster is based on the 50 year old Jaguar E-Type but with every single component replaced or upgraded. Every one made is uniquely tailored to the customer's individual requirements and costs in the region of half a million pounds.

Eagle Engineering have been restoring and re-manufacturing Jaguar E-types at their East Sussex workshops since 1982. They have won many awards for their restorations, craftsmanship and engineering excellence.

In 2009 Rick Velaj, an American car collector based in Connecticut, asked Eagle build him 'something a bit special.' Eagle's designer, Paul Brace, produced a design specification that received Velaj's approval and after a few months the first Eagle Speedster was created.

Although originally conceived as a 'one-off', the Speedster was universally well-received and interest was such that Eagle decided to build more - and the resulting 'Lightweight Speedster' has met with absolute acclaim.

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Despite the familiar outline, the Speedster is a completely bespoke production. Aluminum body panels have been gently remolded from original tinware, a new wraparound windscreen has been produced and the floor's been dropped to create an ultra-low profile.

  Underneath the bodywork there's a 4.7-litre Jag six-pot, which has also been fettled by Eagle. It churns out 340lb ft of torque, which hustles the Speedster's 1008kg bulk along nicely.

The handling's been played with too with sports suspension and a broadened track thanks to custom-built alloy knock-off wire wheels.

Inside, there are a few nods to the original E - dashboard, gauges and switchgear - but the aluminum fascia, diamond-stitched leather chairs, door cards and arm rest are all custom-made.

for more information, go to: www.jaguarspeedster.com

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