Barn Finds & Projects

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Barn Finds & Projects

1957 T1 Speedster - California, USA
July 2008

1958 Porsche Speedster barn find
Scott Schmidt 2015

Stored for over 30 years, 356 Speedster
Found in Austrian Barn 2012

The famous John Clever 'barn find' Speedster
sold after restoration in 2013

This is actually a model of a barn find Speedster
absolutely brilliant!


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Southern USA
May 2012

1956 Speedster 1600 Super
from Classic Dream Cars - sold for over $100k

55 Speedster found in Santa Barbara barn
Sold in 2014 for $330,000

57 Speedster on
Sale date not known

Early Speedster barn find - dash detail
no other info



Found on
No other info

57 356A Speedster
PicRef: December 2014

PreA Speedster barn find
Restored and reunited with previous owner

57 Speedster barn find - sold as above as a
restoration project for an amazing $57,200

Barn finds to Beauty Queens
2 Speedsters auctioned by Coys in 2013

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