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MRE 219F

Chesil Speedster

Owner: Paul Dunford - based in South East

I bought by Speedster from Peter Bailey, off the stand at a show.

I always liked the Speedster having seen one many years earlier, but I was stunned how much room the back seat had for my boys. It was the deciding factor - that and the fact that the car itself simply looked stunning in it's pale blue metallic paint and cream interior with body-matching piping. The seats are the thin-backed bucket seats. I know a headrest may be safer - and the newer seats may be more comfortable - but personally I think the bucket seats are much more authentic looking.

This picture of my 2.0 litre Chesil was taken at Brooklands a couple of years ago at the British Sportscar Show.


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Two pics above taken at Bromley Show 2015

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