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JYY 595J

Chesil Speedster2

Current owner is Lucie Inns - purchased in April 2018

Last known owner: Piers Thynne.

Completed by Chesil in late 2002

2-Litre water cooled engine made by Arnie Levics.

Audi TT silver, with Red leather interior and matching carpets

Touring seats with wooden inserts, black mohair hood.

Full heating, CD player, electric front and rear screen

Matching hardtop, cigar lighter, Moto-Lita steering wheel

Lowered driver’s seat, alarm immobiliser, Porsche badged

Front and rear seatbelts

Chrome luggage rack, dash clock

Very rare high spec, the car is well known to Chesil. This car is number 3 of 25 made by Chesil for Studio-G.


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