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JJG 850D

Chesil/Tygan Speedster

Owner: Paul Smith - based in Berkshire

previously owned by Colin McGuire (Tygan R&D) until August 2009

Built 2007 and used by Tygan as their development car and demonstrator.

  • Based on a shortened ’66 Beetle chassis
  • The engine is a VW 1915cc Type 1, twin carbs, by Arnie Levics
  • All VW front suspension removed (complete beam, steering box and suspension gone)
  • Replaced by Red 9 Design wishbone and coil over shock system combined with a 'quick' steering rack
  • Rear torsion bar suspension removed
  • Still an IRS gearbox set up but now with Red 9 Design trailing arms and coil over shock absorbers in near vertical mounting – this gives a hard ride but responsive handling
  • Electric Front Demister Windscreen
  • Secondary Oil cooler
  • Pertronix Ignitor 2, coil set, HT leads and coil relocation plate
  • Steel Wheels powder coated by 'Sand Blast' of High Wycombe
  • Heater Blower Booster Kit – via Mid America Motor Works, USA

at Castle Combe in 2013

pic below taken in 2003 seems to carry same reg no? (Manser?)


click on any image to enlarge

at Brooklands in 2010

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