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FYY 515H

Chesil/Tygan Speedster

Last known owner: Stephen Blower - based in Surrey

Ivory Paintwork with black interior

Updates since purchase include:

  • Electronic ignition added to 1800cc Arnie Levics engine
  • Electronic fuel pump with inertia cut-out switch
  • Removed sump extension
  • Added secondary releases for both bonnet and boot
  • Petronics Electronic Ignition (including new coil)
  • Mesh covered headlights with a security bolt
  • Gel battery withTrickle charge unit

Car also features:

  • Discs in front, drums rear (works OK for me)
  • Heated screen
  • Temperature dipstick
  • Porsche badges
  • SS luggage rack with straps
  • SS baby moon
  • Centre dash clock.
  • Wind up windows
  • SS silencer box


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