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ESU 969

Chesil Speedster

Owner: Vernon Mortimer - based in Somerset - see also PAE 969F

Vernom Mortimer is the founder of the Speedsters & Spyders Club

He puchased his car from Chesil at the Stoneleigh show in 1991

The company had just changed its name from 'Street Beetle' as new owner Peter Bailey developed the car from Chris Boyle's original.

Chesil's show car and demonstrator for the '91 season was finished in a deep burgundy pearl paint.

Vernon decided he must have this car to add to his collection and a deal was done that Chesil could borrow back the car for shows and other promotional activities until a new demonstrator became available.

Hoping for some mere up-to-date shots that show the car with its new registration still looking good after 24 years.


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