Speedster 'Re-creations'

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993 Speedster Re-creations

Although Porsche never officially released a 993 Speedster model, two were known to have been built by the factory's 'exclusive' department - one for Butzi Porsche in 1995 on the occasion of his 60th birthday, and one for the American TV star and car collector, Jerry Seinfeld.

Many enthusiasts think that the 993's clean lines and the Speedster 'look' combine to make the perfect Porsche and a number of cars have been 're-created' based on wide bodied or normal 993s.


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In the UK, Ninemeister have created a number of cars, designated the 'Speedster S' for fortunate customers in the UK and abroad. The results, illustrated here, speak for themselves.

Ninemeister start with a low-mileage accident-free 993 cabriolet or targa and strip the donor car down to a bare bodyshell. The windscreen frame is removed and the body shell re-fabricated to extact factory standards. More detailed information about the process is available at:
but the car is basically built up and trimmed using original, rebuilt or new parts to any reasonable customer specification.

Ninemeister are based near Junction 21 of the M6. tel: +44 (0) 1925 242 342
email: ask@ninemeister.com


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