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746 UYX

Street Beetle Speedster

Current Owner: Paul Newton-Smith, based in Bedfordshire, from 2017

Gerald Rigby built this Speedster 27 years ago using a 1967 Beetle donor for the shortened floorpan but added a 356C Porsche engine and many Porsche parts including suspension and brakes. The Street Beetle body was supplied in 1990. Car had registration No 34 TT see pics below.

Slate Grey cellulose finish. Dark red mohair hood and upholstery
1600cc SC-spec engine from 356C, twin carbs, circa 80bhp
Porsche 901 5-speed gearbox
Original Porsche 356 kingpin/linkpin front suspension
Original Porsche 356 independent rear suspension
Correct Porsche badges
Original Porsche 356 brakes


click on any image to enlarge

Pics below taken at Sywell Classic 2017

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