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55 TXO

Chesil Speedster

Owner: Tim Slocombe - based in Dorset

Found a shortened floorpan on e-bay

Bought new Puma beam and fitted up with CB dropped spindles NOS calipers, new wheel bearings.

Every nut, washer and bolt on the car is stainless.

New steering box, new master cylinder (I made and fitted all the brake pipes),

New 5x130 discs and drums. I found a type 3 gear box, serviced & painted it.

Mated up to a CSP 40% rake short shift gear shifter.

The rear brakes are all new and fitted to adjustable spring plates.

The wheels are Heritage replicas with a slight offset from front to rear

Barrie Martin supplied one of his Technic Speedster bodies and helped me fit it at his workshop in Thruxton.

Colour is aquamarine blue from the '57 Porsche charts.

Lots of work done on the engine in the Winter of 2012/13


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at Stonor Park 2013

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