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35 MMX

Intermeccanica Speedster

Last known owner: Terry Wright in the East Sussex area (2013)

Built in Canada in 1995, Registered UK in 1999

Burgandy paintwork with Beige leather upholstery

Aircon, Electric Windows

2054cc engine built by Richard Morena (Kustom Engine Shop) includes dual 40S Webers and stainless steel exhaust system:

- Long stroke forged balanced 78mm crankshaft.
- Lightweight forged flywheel balanced 8 dowelled.
- Unitec I-beam con rods. Mahle 92mm forged pistons/cylinders.
- Performance camshaft with lightweight cam followers.
- 26/30mm heavy duty oil pump, remote oil filter unit and hoses.
- Mahle 92mm forged pistons/cylinders.
- VW 040 heads stainless steel valves ported and polished
- Manton chromoly push rods and heavy duty valve springs
- Alloy push rod tubes and SCAT pro bolt up rocker assemblies


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