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PORSCHE PHOTO BOOK to be republished

Wallace Wyss, an American auto historian, has informed us us that, early in the Spring, we will see his revised book based on Porsche 356 Photo Album, a book originally published by Iconografix back in 1998 and out of print for more than a decade.

"I discovered that the 356 cars are suddenly appreciating very rapidly," says Wyss, "and at the same time my publisher found most of the old pictures. So we are doing a new version, adding new pictures shot by myself at the RENNfest in Monterey as well as new historical pictures, plus 10,000 words for a mini-history."

The book will again be softbound, and again offered in horizontal "album" format. If anyone has any historical pictures to volunteer, of rare models like the Zagato Speedster, Le Mans cars, racing 356s in America in the Fifties and Sixties, and prototypes, they can reach Wallace at:


the original book cover

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