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These are some of the best books we have found related to the 356 Speedster. Let me know if you come across other titles that would like added to to the list.

Just click on the cover images to find out more about the book and order direct through Amazon

Porsche Speedster Typ 540: Quintessential Sports Car
An essential Speedster book presenting the story of the Typ 540 from its inception as the America Roadster, through its defining years as the Speedster, and follows with a look at its successor, the Convertible D. Six experts cover their area of particular expertise.
Hardcover: 256 pages
Big Lake Media, 2005
ISBN: 0974646806

356 Porsche: A Restorer's Guide to Authenticity
Brett Johnson
Recognized by Porsche enthusiasts, concours judges, even the Porsche factory as a definitive guide to Porsche authenticity. Gives a detailed look at the year-to-year changes in body, chassis, trim, and interior components. Virtually every part is described and photographed allowing owner and restorer to determine originality.
Paperback: 160 pages
TPR Inc. - January 1998
ISBN: 0929758161

Porsche 356: 1948-1965 Photo Album
Wallace A Wyss
A pictorial review of the cars that built the Porsche legend, from the early Gmund coupes to the 356As, Bs and Cs - Coupes Roadsters, Cabriolets and Speedsters.
Hardcover: 112 pages
Iconografix - May 1998
ISBN: 1882256859

Porsche 356 Owner's Workshop Manual
R M Clarke
This do-it-yourself workshop manual has been specially written for the owner who wishes to maintain his vehicle and carry out the bulk of his own servicing and repairs. Step-by-step instructions and many illustrations are given of most dismantling, overhauling & assembling operations.
Hardcover: 168 pages
Brooklands Books Ltd - Jan 1970
ISBN: 0929758145


Speedster 50th Anniversary: Celebration of an Icon
The 50th Anniversary Event in June 2004 was the ultimate gathering of Speedsters, and this book which documents the event is one of the most sought after Speedster books.
Hardcover: 256 pages
Big Lake Media (2005)
ISBN: 0974646814

Original Porsche 356 - The Restorers Guide
Laurence Meredith
Covers coupe, cabriolet, roadster & Speedster. Beautifully photgraphed and comprehensively researched. Helpful charts explaining specific differences between years and models. Good coverage of the Speedster variants and serial no information. Superb photos by Rowan Isaac.
Paperback: 112 pages
Motorbooks International - Aug 2003
ISBN: 0760317364

Porsche 356
Brian Long
Tells the story of the beginnings and development of the 356 range - explains the company policy of continuous development and the racing and rallying cars that sprang from it.
Hardcover: 192 pages
Veloce Publishing Ltd - Feb 2008
ISBN: 1845840356

356 Porsche: Technical and Restoration Guide
356 Registry Editorial
This book is a compilation of thechnical and restoration articles, columns and tips that originally appeared in the 356 Registry magazine during its first 20 years of publications. Information has been carefully reviewed by a panel of the Registry editors and experts to ensure that the information is correct and current.
Paperback: 404 pages
Society of Automotive Engineers - Dec 1995
ISBN: 0929758102


Porsche Speedster - the Evolution of Porsche's light-weight sports car
Dr Michael Thiriar
Every Porschephile will be captivated by this wonderful collection of material. Full of carefully researched historic detail and containing hundreds of previously unpublished photographs. Comprehensively covers the evolution of the 356 Speedster and the later 911 Speedsters.
Hardcover: 218 pages
Motorbooks International (August 1998)
ISBN: 0929758153

Porsche 356 and RS Spyders
Gordon Maltby
Excellent historical information on 356 beginnings in Gmund and Zuffenhausen. Good coverage of the different Speedsters, including the Carreras, and the Rennsport Spyders. Useful serial number and engine variant info.
Paperback: 160 pages
Motorbooks International, July 2000
ISBN: 0760309035

Porsche 356 Defined: A Pictorial Guide
Brett Johnson
Year-by-year model changes, both mechanical and cosmetic. Useful chassis number and colour information charts.
Hardcover: 144 pages
Practice Ring - November 1996
ISBN: 0929758145

Porsche 356: The Story of the Flat-four Porsches
David G Styles
The story of the rise of the Porsche company whose name has become synonymous with high performance and stylish sports cars, concentrating on the history of the flat-four engined Porsches, complete with development history and full specifications.
Hardcover: 208 pages
The Crowood Press Ltd - May 1998
ISBN: 1861260857

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