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Vintage Speedsters

Vintage Speedsters of California is the world's largest manufacturer of 356 Speedster replicas although relatively few have made it to the UK

Vintage supply fully assembled cars to customers' individual specification and in a variety of kit configurations. Vintage Speedsters was established in 1987 and have now built or supplied over 3,500 Speedster replicas and kits.

The Vintage body is taken from an original mould that was used in the fifties for the original cars, and the panel gaps are better than many other replica manufacturers.

Vintage Speedsters uses a custom built, jig welded, 2x4 inch 11-gauge steel frame. An original VW pan is restored, shortened and welded to the new steel skeleton. The rigid new structure retains the original VW pan design and integrates the largest frame possible making Vintage Speedsters stronger and more rigid that some (particularly early) replicas. In addition, the steering wheel is offset slightly, just as an original 356 Speedster.

Vintage also supply a wide bodied replica, very loosely based on the original 356, and often with less trim and a higher power engine than the 1950s car.

Vintage have a good website at: www.vintagespeedsters.com

McGurk Performance Cars are the UK representative for Vintage Speedsters. They have a build and delivery time from the USA of around 3 months, but usually have several finished cars in stock. Because cars are built using a 1960s chassis, they retain their classic car status and are registered by the DVLA with a genuine historic number plate and are road tax exempt. The options list is modest in keeping with the original cars although a 1.9 flat four air cooled engine instead of the original 1.6 can be specified for a little extra go. Tonneau and hood covers are included.

Contact details on McGurk's website at: www.mcgurk.com


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