Tegan's Challenge

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My lovely grand-daughter, Tegan, one of my favourite Speedster passengers, is joining an expedition to Thailand organised by World Challenge in July 2020 (after her GCSEs!)

Tegan will be spending 2 weeks in Thailand, with the main purpose being an expedition project, contributing towards the ongoing needs of local communities and environmental improvements.

All the participants will have the opportunity to share cultures and experiences as well as hopefully learning some of the language.

There will be a 3 day trek through the jungle, exploring hill tribe villages in the area and experiencing the varied flora and fauna.

Tegan's final destination will be the Elephant Nature Park, learning about their rescue and rehabilitation work.


Tegan has to raise funds of £2,500 to cover travel, food and accommodation. She is organising various events to help cover the costs of her trip, and we have already set up a Just Giving page, where people can make donations, however small, to add to Tegan's own fundraising efforts.

Click here to go to the Just Giving site

If you do choose to help - Many Thanks!

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