The Ultimate Book of the Porsche 356

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Review of New 356 Book - Published October 31st 2019 John Mercer

The Ultimate Book of the Porsche 356

By Brian Long - Published by Veloce Publishing

Most 356 enthusiasts will know of Brian Long's much respected Book of the Porsche 356, first published in 1996 and revised and expanded in 2008. This completely new production includes a wealth of new material and is the definitive and fascinating account of the development of the Porsche 356, and all the racing and rallying cars that sprang from it. 

Brian Long is an acknowledged expert on the marque, and the quantity of information in this comprehensive book about Porsche's legendary model is amazing. Many new and stunning colour and historic photographs amongst more than 540 illustrations, make this book a pleasure to read as it takes you through all the 356 models produced between 1948 and 1966.

The amount of detail in this 256 page book is incredible including model-year colour and trim options, appendices covering year-by-year range details, engine specifications, chassis numbers, and production figures from the early Gmünd cars to the very last production models (for the Dutch Police) in 1966. As well as excellent colour images there are reproductions of original literature, and historic behind-the-scenes photographs. I was particularly impressed by the facts and images I had not seen before on 356 Speedsters and also on other early Porsches like 550 Spyders.


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This is a well researched historical reference to treasure and will be valuable to owners of original cars, restorations and re-creations who want to get the details of their cars absolutely correct.

This is not just an expanded, revised book but a luxury production with some exclusivity - limited to just 356 numbered copies worldwide  - the books are individually numbered, slipcased and leatherbound. Not a cheap book at £356 but a genuinely rare collector’s edition of the highest quality.

The Publisher is Veloce Publishing Ltd, based in Dorset UK where you can reserve a copy online.

You can also download a 40 page sample PDF here

ISBN: 978-1-787112-13-1

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